Friday, September 14, 2007

Cambodia's new Internet based "e-visa" system

Working on the new upgrade of e-Visa lanes can be fun all the time especially when you are working near the ancient Angkor visited by millions of tourist every year. We are glad that Cambodia e-Visa has been helping to promote Cambodia tourism in the last one year. More than 25,000 travelers applied their Visa online from their country before-hand and it is becoming one of the prefered way of getting Visa by most travelers.

Featuring Cambodia e-Visa in AirAsia’s in-flight Travel 3Sixty magazine.

Travelers without e-Visa are queuing up at the on-arrival counter to apply for their Visa.

Many tourists are visiting Cambodia every year.

Mandalay Inn, 3 minutes’ walk to famous Pub street and Old Market. Great stay here!

Managing by A friendly, honest and helpful professional Hotelier family.

Found our e-Visa brochure in the restaurant of Mandalay Inn.

The construction of Cambodian Cultural Village (CCV) started in mid year of 2001, opened to the public in September 24, 2003, with total area of 210,000 meter-square, CCV assembles all the miniatures of famous historical buildings and structures, local customs and practices of all races.

There are 11 unique villages, which represent different culture heritages and characteristics of 19 multi races. At each village, the tourists will be able to enjoy the excellent wood houses, carving, soft skill in stone, traditional performances in the different style such as: Apsara Dancing, performance of ethnic minorities from Northeast of Cambodia, traditional wedding ceremony, Circus, Popular games, Peacock dancing, Acrobat, elephants shows, boxing, and more…

This dance is from Pailin. There are peacocks and peahens in Pailin. Kola people are one of the minorities living in Pailin district in Battam Borng Province , the west of Cambodia . Most of them believe that this king’s birth always bring lucky for them. They perform it in New Year or National Festival…..

Upgrading from 2 e-Visa lanes to 7 in total.

Tour from Japan who use eRunner service

After welcoming, a picture was taken with happy tour guide and immigrationn officers.

Google Web Internet Cafe, one of the important stop for many travelers in Siem Reap.

Bar Street and the famous Red Piano bar

The French influence is strong and the long sticks of French bread are a common sight. It is our breakfast on the day going to Angkor Wat.

Miss the sunrise. One side of the pavement are under restoration.

Smiling restoration team happily at work, drawing the pavement design in detail

Maybe the drawing is just too detail ;)

A picture of Angkor Wat from another side

Riding to Angkor Wat is great, but you need to be early and have more bread with you. Prepare to get dark.

Angkor Coex, venue of coming Aitex Cambodia 2007 exhibition.

Blue Pumpkin where you can find free Wifi and nice ice cream

Nice environment, the only set back is Blue Pumpkin close early at 11pm…

Heading to Phnom Penh with Mekong Express ( The guide from the bus company makes this trip a very informative one.

FCC Phnom Penh, offering nice view to the River side

The Bright Lotus Guesthouse ( is just walk away from River side, right behind FCC

A view from the the guesthouse to the Palace

Another view from guesthouse.

Travelers queueing up at Phnom Penh on arrival counter to apply for their visa.

Upgrade from 2 to 7 e-Visa lanes.

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