Saturday, September 8, 2007

Who is who in Cambodia’s Internet Scene!

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Ever wonder how Cambodia connects to the internet? well, you probably don’t really care, as long as you are able to search, browse, read, watch, surf, chat, talk, blog all those world wide web craps. Even if you care, you would only point out to the usual suspects namely Online, CityLink, TeleSurf, AngkorNet or MekongNet.

If you really want to know though, the Cambodia’s Internet Scene is actually a lot more just the above companies. To be exactly, as of August this year, there are up to 20 (twenty) internet entities in Cambodia. (by comparison, our neighbors Laos has less than ten, while Vietnam has just over twenty)

Not all of the twenty are internet service providers (ISP), but it’s still pretty impressive considering a report of only 44,000 Cambodians have internet access compared to 16 millions in Vietnam.

Interesting enough, out of the twenty, 6 of them are brand-new start-up companies registered in 2007 including one with “THE BEST VERVICE IN THERE”. Yes, it’s “VERVICE“. Don’t believe me? Here is the list of Who is who in Cambodia’s Internet scene: Cambodian Internet ASN Aug07.pdf

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