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Overseas Property Investment Boom for Cambodia

Award winning overseas property investment specialists David Stanley Redfern Ltd have bridged the gap between potential investors and Cambodia. Exclusive 1-2 bedroom apartments in Cambodia are available from just $55,000.

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Overseas Property Specialists

Overseas Property Specialists


(PRLog.Org)Oct 26, 2007Southern East Asia and the magical mysticism it holds might sound a little too prestigious for casual or professional investment making or holiday taking buyers alike. However, award winning overseas property investment specialist David Stanley Redfern Ltd have bridged the gap and closed the distance between potential investors and this auspicious neighbour of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. Exclusive and genuinely breathtaking 1-2 bedroom apartments in Cambodia are more than an attractive reason to consider the region, as is their price. Available from $55,000, now‘s surely the right time to at least register your interest in a property market set to soar.

Gloriously refurbished (you really must see the photos); these apartments are situated in the heart of a city on the verge of a widely predicted and massive foreign investment boom. A guaranteed 10% net return for the first 2 years certainly does add appeal to this opportunity, but what’s all this about an investment boom, what’s brought it about?

The abundance of stunning architecture that’s on display in the French quarter of Cambodia’s capital city Phnom Penh or the Pearl of Asia as it’s sometimes affectionately referred to, merely hints at the lavish lifestyles enjoyed in Cambodia already. Being Cambodia’s wealthiest and most populous state, it’s no surprise to learn of its increasing ambition and drive regarding the recognition it righteously deserves for being one of the worlds criminally overlooked beauty spots. But that’s all set to change with fresh focus and scrutiny facing one certain overlooked government policy.

Back in 2005 the Cambodian investment laws were changed in order to allow foreign ownership of any permanent Cambodian fixture, so as to strengthen its already stable economy to the same dizzy heights enjoyed by similar regions within close proximity, Thailand serving as a fine example with its surge of foreign interest over the last few years. However, that particular law never came into being, rendering it redundant with time. Now, with its appetite for development growing stronger and stronger, Cambodia’s government is being strongly urged to review its current foreign investment laws.

International Business Club chairman and US lawyer Bretton Sciaron had this to say on the matter ”There are several reasons for urgent action, this is already a sector of the economy that is dynamic, but foreign ownership of apartments, condominiums and other such structures on the land will help spur further economic growth. Such a regulatory development will provide a dramatic indication that Cambodia has an investor-friendly environment.’ This clearly highlights not only the great potential of the region but the far reaching scope of worldwide interest it holds, that in this case reached the shores of the US.

If getting a piece of the overseas property investment action understandably appeals more than ever before with this stunning property and the opportunities it offers, contact David Stanley Redfern Ltd today with any queries.

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