Friday, November 30, 2007

On the Global Warming Brink: Cambodia and Vietnam

"There Is Such a Thing as Being Too Late"

In a horrendous twist of fortune, the world’s poorest will bear the brunt of the wealthiest. Earlier this week, the United Nations revealed the most developed nations have once again failed to meet emission targets, and the third world will suffer. First in line: Cambodia and Vietnam, according to China's Xinhua General News Service.

With 0.2 percent of world's population, Cambodia accounts for a negligible percentage of global emissions. Yet, Cambodia faces immediate threats to its agricultural production and food security from climate change as rainfall and temperature fluctuation lead to a lack of water, according to the U.N.’s report.

Vietnam has already experienced rising sea levels, record temperatures, and unstable rainfall causing unpredictable phases of flood and drought. According to the Xinhua General News Service, flood-tides rose to 1.5 meters Tuesday night — the highest in 48 years. Hundreds have died in recent months, as repeated cyclone hits and heavy rainfall has led to deadly flooding.

As records continue to break, Cambodia and Vietnam call on wealthy nations to take immediate action. Martin Luther King’s quotation at the front of the United Nation’s report shall remind us: “there is such a thing as being too late.”

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