Sunday, December 9, 2007

Biggest fish caught in Mekong River, Cambodia

Salam & hello to all my dearest reader, today i would like to share a few images that showed a biggest catch in Mekong River, Cambodia. Did you know that Mekong River is the 11th longest river in the world? Ok lets find out what they got from Mae Nam Kong.

Name: Mekong giant catfish (Pangasianodon gigas)
Maximum Size: 118 inches (300 centimeters), 661.4 pounds (300 kilograms)
In malaysia, if im not mistaken it was called ikan patin or ikan tapah

Name: Giant freshwater stingray (Himantura chaophraya)
Maximum Size: 197 inches (500 centimeters), 1,323 pounds (600 kilograms), body diameter 95 inches (240 centimeters)
Can you imagine if this the fish that attack the crocodile hunter?

Name: Giant barb (Catlocarpio siamensis)
Maximum Size: 118 inches (300 centimeters), 661.5 pounds (300 kilograms)

Source of image : news nationalgeographic


michael said...

I feel sorry for these animals they are being treated like big tropihes! If people like seeing these fish I'm sure they would rather see them out in the water where they belong!

Survival book said...

The mekong giant catfish is actually an endangered and protected species. There aren't many left, so it's sad to see a large one like this taken.

Deej said...

It's FISH people, stop worshipping animals at the expense of people. Folks like you keep people from earning a living by "protecting" animals. You are the reason the world is crumbling under PC, not the fisherman. pathetic!