Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tunc Holding AG:Tendering for projects in Cambodia

DJ Tunc Holding AG:Tendering for projects in Cambodia, Laos and Burundi

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Tunc Telekomünikasyon, the Turkish subsidiary of Swiss Tunc Holding AG, (News)
announces its participation at the bid invitation of Timeturns Telecom Company
(115446, Moscow, Kolomenskiy proezd, Building 14, 4th floor, Office 1, Russian
Federation, Moscow Representation Office). Timeturns Telecom Company owns GSM
licenses of Laos, Burundi and Cambodia and was assigned by three GSM operators
to develop the GSM networks in these countries. In case of an acceptance of the
bid the agreement contains a volume of $ US 60 Mio. Within the scope of these
project Tunc Telekomünikasyon would be responsible for planning and erection of
turnkey GSM networks (Network Implementation).

During a meeting with Bülent Recepoglu, CEO of Tunc Holding AG, and Georges
Mouhaweje Ghassan, General Manager of Timeturns Telecom Company, in Moscow on
the 1st March of 2008 the details of Tunc Telekomunikasyon A.S. bidding offer
were reviewed. Tunc Telekomunikasyon A.S. is planning to build 240 full turnkey
stations for each country and to take over GSM stations maintenance-failure
works in Laos, Burundi and Cambodia.

With the participation Tunc Holding AG works on the intended expansion of its
operational business to the countries of Southeast Asia. Tunc Holding was able
to establish itself already in 12 countries of Asia Minor, Central and Western
Asia as well as in Eastern Europe through its seven subsidiaries and several
projects. For this reason and for beeing an experienced service provider there
is great confidence to achieve the acceptance of bid.

Tunc Holding AG has been founded in November 2007 and provides through its seven
subsidiaries engineering and support services in the area of telecommunications
systems. Tunc Telekomünikasyon A.S. as operational nerve centre of the group is
located in Ankara, Turkey. The Turkish subsidiary operates as highly qualified
provider in the GSM sector since 1992. The broad range of services includes from
site survey and infrastructure to the erection and maintenance of
telecommunications systems. Since 1996, the activities have been continuously
expanded to include the area of electricity distribution systems with associated
services, renewable energy and internet technology.

The shares of Tunc Holding AG are traded in the Open Market of Deutsche Börse
Frankfurt (ISIN: CH0036270582, WKN: A0M92R).

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