Saturday, December 27, 2008

'Airport Club' now open in Sihanoukville!

By Casper | December 26, 2008

Finally, the ‘Airport’ has opened in Sihanoukville. Sadly, it’s not the Sihanoukville International Airport, it’s the new ‘Airport Club’ on Victory Beach.

Run by the son of the owner of the Snake House Bar, Restaurant and Bungalows, the new Aiport had it’s grand opening on Christmas Eve 2008. To be honest, despite having over 100 people there at the time we arrived, it didn’t look ‘busy’, certainly nowhere near it’s capacity. A reasonable mix of people where there though, including probably 30% ‘well to do’ Khmers, most of the French Contingent from Victory Hill and smatterings of Bar Owners and resident expats. What the place didn’t have though, is much of a visitation by the backpackers that are currently filling the town.

One possible reason for this could be that they, like me, thought the bar prices were going to be a ‘rip’. The weren’t. Draft Angkor and Anchor is available for 1 dollar, even RedBull which is normally 1.50 at many Ochheutel beach bars, is only 1 dollar.

Obviously, by the name, you’d imagine the place to carry an Aviation theme, and since the centerpiece of the whole place is a full size passenger aircraft! I have to say, the place is extremely well done and very impressive on your first visit. Yes, some touches are a little too much, like the ‘business class’ VIP areas on the upper levels, the sliced up BMW’s hanging from the walls etc, but it would be wrong to criticise the place on these details. Like I said, it’s impressive, very impressive.

I honestly don’t know what the future is going to hold for the place, it’s opening night was pretty lacklustre, unless it was just a ’soft opening’ as it wasn’t particularly well advertised, more by word of mouth. But we’ll see how things turn out, personally though, i’m not sure if the target customers are here in enough numbers at the moment, and with the global downturn, they may not be for sometime.

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