Monday, July 5, 2010

Cambodia's Kratie is a very 'chilled-out place'

We enjoyed our stay in Kratie. It's a very chilled-out place. We particularly enjoyed cycling on the island across from Kratie. It was so beautiful over there and the people so friendly. Many families on the island live in small huts, with no electricity or real facilities. These are poor farming families, but they seem like some of the happiest people I have ever come across. We stopped to buy some water and one family gave us fruit for free and seemed really happy that we'd stopped. Puts things into perspective when I consider western life - people moaning about all of the material things they can't afford, when they should be appreciating how lucky they are.

We headed off to Phnon Penh for an overnight stop. When we arrived it's was raining. Actually, it was RAINING!!!! I considered building an ark. Some of the streets had amassed a foot of water in about 20 minutes. Luckily we didn't really get caught in it. We dumped our stuff and headed to a local bar to watch the England v Germany game. We were sat with a few rough looking England fans (funny guys, but scary guys). The other side of the bar was filled with not so rough looking German fans. Let's just say after about an hour the German fans decided, wisely, not to heckle and cheer so much. The England fans were going mental at them, particularly after the Lampard non-goal was greeted with cheers. One guy stood up and shouted something like “you cheating kraut motherf****** c****”. I thought it was going to kick off big time. It wasn't a great atmosphere at all. After the game they went, leaving me and Lou sat on our own. Eek! The game, as you all know, was wank. Nuff said.

We arrived in Sihanoukville (kinda pronounced snookyville) the next day. This is Cambodia's most popular seaside resort. It's like magaluf, but dirtier. We both quite enjoyed it though - may have to do with the nice place we stayed - The Beach Road Hotel. $10 a night and the place is really nice. It also has a pool, which we made much use of, even if it rained most days. Snooky is wet this time of year. We did have a couple of days of sunny weather though. Got my sunburn on!

You can
One of the dirt tracks we cycled down.
get a beer from as little as 50p in Cambodia. Nice. We got hammered in a beach bar one night for about $3. I bought one bucket (a massive cocktail in a bucket - enough for 2-3 people) and the bar staff gave away free shots all night. The place was packed and it was a great laugh. Had to lead Lou home before her legs went. Those who know her understand what I'm talking about.

We've now moved down the coast to Kampot, which is a small scenic town famous for salt & pepper. The production of actual salt and pepper, not the fat 80's rappers. We've just checked into a fab place called the Magic Sponge, which is run by a top guy from Leeds. What sold it for us was the sight of a crazy golf course in the garden. What else do you need? We plan to hire some bikes tomorrow and ride into the country. After a few days in Kampot we're heading back up to Phnom Penh for a couple of days.

Louise's Section

Not much else to add really. As soon as we headed in from Laos to Kratie you could tell the difference between the people. I find Cambodians much more friendly and eager to help.

So I've seen a dark, wet Phnom Penh and it seemed nice so glad we get to go back for a few days.

Sihanoukville is well er... pisshead central really. The beach is lovely but littered quite a bit and you can't walk more than 2 feet without being asked to buy a bracelet from a kid or a lobster from the old lady or in my case getting them touching my legs asking if I would like a wax coz I had missed a bit, but on the upside my nails didn't need doing as they were apparently lovely!! So, back we went to the hotel and pool for some peace.

Had my June drinking binge in Sihanoukville and met an Irish guy and his Cambodian lover!! She had a boyfriend in UK, was seeing this guy here and then chatting up (in a very hostile way I may add) a lovely Aussie guy. Many many drinks later and the worse for wear she comes up later telling me I was her friend but now I amSnookyville
Not the best day, but still good enough to dip your toes in!
bitch coz I told the new guy she had a boyfriend. This I cannot remember but spent the next 2 days convinced there was a Cambodian mafia of women out to kill me so refused to go back to the nice food place where we met her just in case.

Now in Kampot and have beaten Chris at mini golf and my pool skills seem to be getting better too. Maybe off cycling tomorrow to the Rusty Keyhole pub in some fields somewhere run by a Manc guy and they apparently have the best bbq spare ribs in the country and Chris nearly wet himself when the manager here told him they do Roast Dinners. Todays meals were very Cambodian, Chris - Chips/Cheese/Beans and then Luk Lac/Egg/Chips . Louise - Spag bol with chedder cheese then one of the best chillis ever with chips and cheese!! Can you tell I have missed and now found a plentiful supply of Chedder!! I aint never leaving this place!!!

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